Sunday, 19 April 2015

Discovery 1.

It started with a book...Actually, it started way before that. But for all intent purposes we can start at the book and likely work our way backwards like a journalistic entry of Memento. The book in question was Everything that Remains a memoir by the Minimalists. From there, a seminal work of life changing events and renewed thought process managed to take a $53,000 a year professional chef and father of two teenage boys to quit his job, sell all his belongings and move to Central America to venture alone into an unknown world with only the contents that fit in his Minaal backpack. Flat Stanley, once a character device used to journal adventure for children, is now an inspired idea for myself as I take the next five months and chronicle what could be the greatest and most grandiose life changing venture I have ever under taken, chronicling it and learning from it as I go, to find my place amongst the rest of us and maybe... my way home.



  1. And I'll follow you . Every step

  2. Hi Canada Chef

    Please contact me! I am also a Canadian Chef about to open a restaurant in Placencia. I will need full time and part time cooks. I will be there in September.

    Hope to hear from you!!